Poker – Win the Money POT

Poker is the game of money and currently you can play at many variants of the game which involve individual players trying to compete for the best hand and bet to win the pot. The ‘Pot‘ here refers to the total betting amount collected from each player.

A Texas Hold’em game is made of four rounds of betting, each player is given 2 initial cards and then 1st round involves putting in the blind. The ‘blinds‘ refer to the minimum amount required to be put before the first set of three cards, that is the ‘flop‘ is opened. The second round involves betting in similar style and the next card is introduced on the table, called the ‘turn‘. Then another round of betting occurs and the last card introduced in called the ‘river‘ after which starts the last round of betting. After all the betting occurs the players show their cards and the one with the best hand brings the pot home. The hand here refers to the best possible combination of 5 cards from the total of 7 cards and has 9 possible degrees. The person with the best hand wins, well mostly.

As life today moves at lightening quick pace this card game is spreading its tentacles all around the world due to which there are many tournaments happening round the clock around the globe. The most renowned of them all is the World Series of Poker, the WSOP. It is hold every year in Las Vegas – USA and the winner is crowned the champion of the world in the game of poker. WSOP was started around 1970s with 7 poker players and has now thousands of game tables set up each year for millions of poker players.

Poker isn’t that simple as it sounds and only when one sits down to play one realizes the true side of the game. Among many strategies of the game one of them is the ‘bluff’ which means one fakes his hand to others in order for them to ‘fold’ that is to quit betting so that the pot is won by the former. However if a bluff is caught it might result is a grave loss. As interesting as the game sounds any normal person would never develop a serious liking for the game. Though it requires an equal level of mental thinking as fortune, some people laugh it off by saying ‘after all it was luck’.

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