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There are really many factors to consider when you are playing poker as it is actually one of the most complex card games if approached properly. This card game is challenging and has strong social connotations, in Spain for example it has been part of the culture for years being now a real trendy fashion.

dont-be-a-donkeyIf you want to progress in the game of poker, it is a must that, you think beyond the cards. There are various situational factors that you have to consider, when it comes to determining the value of your decisions. These factors will depend, on whether you are playing a tournament or a cash game. And when making decisions, one of the most important factors that you have to keep in mind are situational factors. What makes the game interesting and fun are the layers of complexity. Some of the most essential situational factors to consider include:

– The stage of the game
– Number of players in the game
– Playing styles of the game
– The stack size in terms of blinds and antes
– The pot odds
– Your cards

Another important factor to consider is the level of thinking. In the game, there are different types of levels, which you should think of about the player and situation. There are mainly five types of levels but it is prudent, to think one level deeper, than the other players.

Another important factor that, you have to consider, is the actual cards that you have to hold. Most people agree with concept, but there are others, who never implement it in the right way. be-aggressiveIt is important, even if the cards are going to be exposed, make sure that you train yourself, how to detach the value of your hand. Decision making process are the steps that you have to go through, before you decide, on how to act on the poker hand. An important aspect of a good decision making process is the expected value calculation.

Playing poker is fun and enjoyable but you should not play the game when you are drunk. It is always true, and this rule applies well to all other gambling games too. In case you play the game when you are drunk, you will start making wrong moves and missing opportunities. Whether it is live poker action or online poker played at a reputable poker room, if you want to win the game, it is good to play the game when you are sober.

It is also vital to learn new strategies and incorporate them in the game. But, new strategies will perform worse than the strategies, which you have been using before. This is because it takes a lot of time, to integrate new strategies into your style.

Your friends can give you advice, on how the game should be played but do not listen to them unless they are at the level that you are striving for. Everybody wants to be considered an expert in this game but there are only a few people who are professional players and are able to give good advice.

Top 4 Instrumental Tips in Heads Up Poker Games

Heads Up poker, the variant of the Texas Hold’em game that involves only two players at the table, constitutes a very exciting, adrenaline pumping, tough decision making, “the winner takes it all” experience. To put it simply, winning a tournament of Heads Up poker will finally earn you the tiger’s stripes as a professional gambler and propel your way into the big boys’ ranks.

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